Benefits of Coaching

The benefits of coaching as perceived by clients.

Defining Coaching and Coaching success in Agile

A definition of Coaching followed by a definition of success for Coaching.

Assertiveness code

Assertiveness is a way to find your voice and express yourself also inside a team.

The principles of people-centred Agile

Six principles for a people-centred Agile with quotes that bring them to life.

Freshen up Manifesto for Agile Software Development

When introducing the Manifesto to new Agile practitioners, its outdated language often got in the way of conversations around more interesting points. So I’ve freshened it up taking inspiration from Kent Beck (talk ‘Beyond Agile Programming’ at Startup Lessons Learned Conference, 2010), Dan North (talk ‘Agile Revisited’ at GOTO conference, 2015) and Joseph Pelrine (ebook on Agile teams and self-organising systems, 2011).

The three pillars of Agile

The three pillars of Agile answer briefly and clearly two of the most important questions people are asking since the beginning of Agile and before: “Why Agile works?” and “What’s the essence of Agile?”

Summer reading list for the (to be) reformed leader

Nowadays challenges span complicated and complex situations that require a leadership style and tools that go beyond traditional leadership.
Here you find reading suggestions to find inspiration as well as practical advice.
#Agile #Lean #Leadership

The two equations at the heart of Lean-Agile Coaching

What is lean-agile coaching? Let’s find out with the two “equations” at its root.

Beware of Waterfall in disguise by Gartner

Discover where Waterfall is hiding in this process designed by Gartner to combine Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile.
Let’s use this flawed idea as an opportunity to dig deeper into the foundations of lean and agile.

Agility Qualia: the black and white room of Agile

You are trapped in the black and white room of agile’s rainbow. And you cannot be sure you are not, until you find out and conquer your qualia.

The 7 fundamental principles of Software Requirements

Given the complex nature of the problems we try to solve and the solutions we try to envision, there’s no surprise the devil is in the details.

Sometimes we have to be highly intelligent and well-informed just to be undecided about them.

These seven principles are seven chances to spot the complexity hidden in the details.

Summer reading list for the (to be) reformed manager

You often think there must be a better way of getting stuff done,
while at work you spend your time working around obstacles created by the very same processes put there to help you. Meanwhile, you build meaningful relationships, based on professional respect and trust, that span well over the boundaries of the formal hierarchy.
These books are for you.

A holistic view on code quality that matters for the business as well as for IT

#CodeQuality: a definition unknown or misunderstood by most, that goes beyond #SoftwareCraftsmanship.

Given that software is eating the world and IT *is* becoming the business, it do matters.
This post gives a pragmatic definition valuable and meaningful for both IT and the business.

Which skills make a great CTO ?

This post explores the skills that make a great CTO. It also provides a tool to self-assess current strengths as CTO, and identify areas that can be targeted next for improvement.

Software Development Done Right – The Foundations a CTO Cannot Ignore

What are the fundamental building blocks of software development done right? Are you observing them? Check with this booklet that includes references to conclusive scientific research studies, and industry opinion.