Category: Coaching

Agile professional: don’t be taken hostage

Coaching literature extensively covers the “don’t collude” principle. But you also need to know the “don’t be taken hostage” principle.

The practical implications of the Human Element

The soft-skills and the hard and very practical implications of the Human Element in the workplace.

Culture and Cultural change models and ideas

An overview of the techniques and the concepts I have found valuable to understand organisations culture and to think about cultural change

Benefits of Coaching

The benefits of coaching as perceived by clients.

Defining Coaching and Coaching success in Agile

A definition of Coaching followed by a definition of success for Coaching.

Assertiveness code

Assertiveness is a way to find your voice and express yourself also inside a team.

The principles of people-centred Agile

Six principles for a people-centred Agile with quotes that bring them to life.

The two equations at the heart of Lean-Agile Coaching

What is lean-agile coaching? Let’s find out with the two “equations” at its root.

A system of Lean-Agile Coaching purposes

How would you describe with just *one* sentence the *main* purpose of the Agile Coach based on your current experience on the ground in the role?