Turn your ways of working into a competitive advantage

For organisations, teams, and individuals that want more speed, flexibility, resilience, inventiveness,
we provide advising, mentoring, coaching, consulting & assessments.

We are specialised to serve CxOs, CTOs, Engineering Managers, PMs, and Tech leads.


Succeed over difficult problems by embracing Complexity-Thinking
Micro-guide to thriving in everyday complexity by breaking free from ordered and linear approaches

Living Complexity
Practical applications of Human Complexity in software and digital products development

🇮🇹 Domina i problemi difficili abbracciando il Complexity-Thinking
Piccola guida per prosperare nella complessità quotidiana smettendo di trattare il lavoro come ordinato e lineare

Continuous Delivery Overview
Value proposition, definitions, principles, core practices

🇮🇹 Italian translation of:
Scrum and XP from the trenches

A selection of other publications


ICIS part of RELX Group - We provided Assessment and Advised Senior leaders and we provided Mentoring. (Digital information analytics and intelligence).

Japan Tobacco International - We provided Executive and team level Coaching outside Tech-IT (Finance, Reduced Risk Products, Sustainability).

Lloyds Banking Group - We provided enterprise and team level Coaching and Training.

BP Oil & Energy - We provided enterprise and team level Coaching outside Tech-IT (Heavy Equipment Engineering).

YOOX - We provided enterprise and team level Coaching and Training. We started the internal Agile Coaching practice.

HSBC - We provided enterprise and team level Coaching. We started the Lean-Agile practice.

Marsh McLennan - We provided Sr Leadership and team level Coaching and Training.

LexisNexis - We initiated and directed an Agile Transformation.

4Finance - We created the new Agile department for the whole group across the UK and Europe.

We delivered Training and Coaching in top-notch European and American organisations such as
AKQA, Arqiva, Comparethemarket.com, Danske Bank, Dillard’s, easyJet, Ericsson, Jeppesen, Make Positive, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Nokia, Prudential, Thomson (TUI Group), and Unibet.


SmHarter is the fusion of two words:
smart: working and improving with intelligence and mastery
heart: using collaboration, purpose, passion, and creativity to delight customers and learners.

We believe “smart” and “heart” are two key ingredients of any successful learning organisation.

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Our core team

Luca Minudel
Michael Kelley Harris

Why Us

With us, you quickly skip over lengthy, costly mistakes.

Don't let imitators intervene on the vital elements of your organisation.

We have been part of this wave of modern ways of working since the very beginning.

Our speeches, publications, and contributions to the professional community mean that our expertise has been publicly vetted, repeatedly.

We master all three pillars of modern ways of working; namely Agility, Lean, and Complexity-Thinking.

We are not affiliated with any commercial framework or certification programme. Instead, we can do what is right for you, with professionality and integrity.
Our approach is human-centred and people-first.

Our training classes and our Coaching are highly interactive with many practical exercises and open conversations.

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