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For individuals, teams, and organisations that want to become more effective, more innovative, more successful,
we provide first-class coaching, mentoring, training, advising, and assessments.

We are specialised to serve CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, PMs, and tech leads.


Examples of what our clients say

Workshop was inspiring!

R. Richard, Comparethemarket.com

Best workshop I’ve been to so far. Great preparation. Very interesting discussions.

Anonymous, workshop at XP Days Benelux

The Inception workshop, an intensive week with the full team in one room, allowed us to make impressive progress across the initiative. It’s great to come out of a week like that with a clear path forwards of how to progres.

P. Holly, HSBC

I can honestly say that the facilitator has great speech skills. He's been involved in many Microsoft and third party local industry events, and he always got great rankings. I highly recommend him as a professional speaker and IT consultant.

T. Alessandro, Microsoft regional manager

The workshop content was very good, and was flexible enough to be adapted to our requirements.
Both facilitators were knowledgeable. The training was incredibly engaging and allowed anyone to feel they were progressing.
I thoroughly enjoined the entire fortnight.

M. Anya, Comparethemarket.com

Learned more in two weeks than I could have in an entire semester at college.
Both trainers were world-class instructors; it was a pleasure to meet them and grow with them for the past two weeks.

B. Darrick, Dillard’s

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Why Us?

Our coaches have helped a top F1 racing team to advance the adoption of lean-agile practices while winning several world championships, and have delivered training and coaching in top-notch European and American organisations such as AKQA, Arqiva, Comparethemarket.com, Danske Bank, Dillard’s, easyJet, Ericsson, HSBC, Jeppesen, Make Positive, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Nokia, Prudential, Thomson (TUI Group), and Unibet.

Our work is based on experience with thousands successful product deliveries around the world, on knowledge of the mechanic, and on understanding the fundamental essence.

Our material is distilled from ThoughtWorks material. Our coaches have worked as part of coaching and training team at ThoughtWorks Studios.

Unlike DIY and other alternatives:

We help you to quickly skip over lengthy, costly mistakes with our guided, safe learning and improvement processes.

We have rebooted and trained a team in 10 days.

All our coaches are authentic practitioners with 15+ years of experience in venues that range from a top F1 racing team to multinational corporations.

We work with you to assess your specific and unique needs, and we design holistic solutions that suit you.

Our expertise allows us to consider without bias all frameworks and all options, from basic iterative development to the most-advanced continuous deployment, and scaled frameworks.
Our training classes are highly interactive with many practical exercises and open discussions.


SmHarter is the fusion of two words:
smart: working and improving with intelligence and mastery
heart: using collaboration, purpose, passion, and creativity to delight customers and learners.

We believe “smart” and “heart” are two key ingredients of any successful learning organisation.

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Our core team

Luca Minudel
Michael Kelley Harris

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Fundamental terms:

  • Agile is used as umbrella term for a set of methods (e.g. Scrum, kanban, extreme programming) and practices (e.g. stand-up, iteration planning meeting, pair-programming) for software and digital product development based on values and principles from the Agile Manifesto.
  • Lean is also used as umbrella term for a set of methods (e.g. lean startup, lean UX) and practices (e.g. value-stream mapping, root-cause analysis, lean canvas) for software and digital product development. It is based on principles from lean software-development, inspired and adapted from the Toyota Production System and lean manufacturing.
  • Lean-agile means lean and agile together. It highlights the synergy and the interwoven nature of lean and agile.

More terms

is a mindset, a set of practices, and a set of capabilities, and allows you to cope with and exploit changes in circumstances and thrive in turbulent times.
Continuous delivery
is a software-development discipline that includes technical and collaborative practices and that is often used in excellent and advanced applications of lean and agile methods.
Digital transformation
refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology to all aspects of society.
Extreme programming (XP)
is an agile software-development methodology that intends to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements.
is a lean practice from the Toyota Production System that has been adapted for software development and has inspired the Kanban method.
Lean enterprise
is a set of practices for the design, governance, and management of an organisation, as well as for the creation of products in an organisation. It’s inspired by lean startup and lean.
Lean startup
is an approach to digital products and business development that is based on the principles of lean.
Lean UX
is a set of principles and practices inspired by lean startup that promotes more desirable solutions and better digital products for users.
is a trademarked agile method within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

You can find more definitions in the Agile Glossary at AgileAlliance.