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A selection of our talks

Practical applications of Complexity Science
and how to introduce them to your team/org
Complexity Science can explain why Agile works, it is essential in understanding Agility and how to use Agility to tackle Complexity. Human Complexity is the branch of Complexity Science most relevant to teams and modern organisations. With its practical applications, it helps everyone to embrace a new way of thinking. video-pitch
Agile Cross-team Collaboration How-Tos
Software and digital products development often require collaboration across multiple teams. Ironically, none of today’s "scaled" solutions cut it. This session explores alternative ways to ensure a fast flow of work and a frictionless and enjoyable cross-team collaboration. video-pitch
Let’s retire Accountability & Commitment
and introduce a better way
Recommended for managers including Portfolio, PMO and Project Managers.
Are your teams and managers arguing about Accountability & Commitment? This session will help you navigate the philosophical schism around Accountability & Commitment interpretations and uses, will reveal where they work or not and why, and will present an alternative with insights from the Promise Theory and Human Complexity. video-pitch
Agile 2023: Beauty and the Beast
Recommended for decision-makers poundering the available options for adpting Agile.
In the last decade, mainstream scaled Agile frameworks and large consultancy firms' Agile transformation offerings are not producing the desired results. Let's explore the current challenges and pitfalls, and the available alternatives. video-pitch
Agile at Scale Generative Principles
A principles-based approach for achieving Agility at scale that moves away from a 1-framework approach for taking inspirations from all frameworks, practices, and patterns available from the Lean-Agile community. content sample
When software engineering strategy
meets business strategy.
How F1 teams crack technical debt.
F1 teams face incredible pressure to deliver. Nonetheless, at every race they manage to deliver and improve at the same time, cracking the technical debt and pursuing technical excellence.
Whereas many organisations instead struggle to find the time to do the same under the pressure of their delivery commitments. This session presents success stories and lessons learned from an F1 team. session delivery sample
It takes two to Tango:
Why Business & Tech succeed or fail together
In this session we will discuss how to achieve real technical excellence that matters to the Business, how to build trust between Business and Tech, and how Business can react quickly and beat the competition with help from Tech. session delivery sample
Cultural Change: Startups wish they were bigger,
big companies dream of being Startup-ish. So what?
What makes a start-up culture? What makes a corporate culture? What really is a company/work culture? Why culture matters? How can we assess the company culture? Can we really change it? What can be done then?
This session provides an answer to all those questions and introduces a set of tools and techniques that I've found useful during my journey. session delivery sample
The fantastic four: Coding patterns of Continuous Delivery
When I joined Scuderia Ferrari F1 racing team in 2006, I have been asked to increase the speed of software development while at the same time increase the reliability and reduce the number of bugs. This challenge, in a high-pressure fast-paced environment, led me to the finding of four CD coding patterns. In this session, I will tell you the story of this discovery and the learning. session delivery sample
Agile in Formula One
Formula One is a fast-paced environment where change and unexpected events are the norm. This session gives an overview of Agile software development in F1, describe the challenges and the techniques used to tackle them.
Project Management in the Age of Accelerating Change
Recommended for Project Managers.
This session gives a short introduction to Agile for traditional Project Managers, and describes the structure, the steps and the activities of an Agile project from Inception to delivery.
session slides (IT specific) - session slides (generic)

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