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Transcending Agile cross-team collaboration with Shared work (3-part)

Is there a valid alternative to Agile cross-team collaboration, one of the most consequential topics for successfully adopting Agile beyond one team? Should we tackle Agile cross-team collaboration challenges or transcend them?

Transcending the CapEx – OpEx dichotomy

There is a mismatch between the reality of modern software and digital products development and the binary separation between CapEx & OpEx. Let’s see how modern approaches overcome that.

Are OKRs really good for Innovation?

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are, for many organisations, still a relatively new term that, as such, can hold the promise of an idealised future while moving again the goalpost to a later tomorrow.
And the term OKR creates enough ambiguity allowing different conflicting interpretations (e.g. a new fancy name for KPIs) to coexists. But once OKRs are well understood and properly put to practice, are they really good for innovation?

Companies going heavy-weight with scaling Agile and off-the-shelf software solutions. With what results?

An summary of the results of companies scaling agile with a heavy-weight framework and companies migrating to a heavy-weight off-the-shelf platform.

The 7 fundamental principles of Software Requirements

Given the complex nature of the problems we try to solve and the solutions we try to envision, there’s no surprise the devil is in the details.

Sometimes we have to be highly intelligent and well-informed just to be undecided about them.

These seven principles are seven chances to spot the complexity hidden in the details.

A holistic view on code quality that matters for the business as well as for IT

#CodeQuality: a definition unknown or misunderstood by most, that goes beyond #SoftwareCraftsmanship.

Given that software is eating the world and IT *is* becoming the business, it do matters.
This post gives a pragmatic definition valuable and meaningful for both IT and the business.

Which skills make a great CTO ?

This post explores the skills that make a great CTO. It also provides a tool to self-assess current strengths as CTO, and identify areas that can be targeted next for improvement.

Software Development Done Right – The Foundations a CTO Cannot Ignore

What are the fundamental building blocks of software development done right? Are you observing them? Check with this booklet that includes references to conclusive scientific research studies, and industry opinion.