Which skills make a great CTO ?

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This post explores the skills that make a great CTO. It also provides a tool to self-assess current strengths as CTO, and identify areas that can be targeted next for improvement.

What skills a great CTO needs?
What competency areas an aspiring CTO needs to develop?

This deck linked below provides a complete list of competency areas that a great CTO needs. It includes the description of each area.
It also provides a radar to self-assess CTO’s strengths in those areas, and identify which area can be targeted next for further improvements.
View and/or download the deck on Slideshare:
CTO’s self-assessment radars

Bonus track: The competency areas listed in the deck are related to the key responsibilities that a CTO has. So they can also be used by the CTO to verify that she/he is given both the authority and the means required to take on those responsibilities.
Bonus track two: The radar can also be used in a recruiting process, to describe the expectations and needs of an organisation for its CTO, and compare it with the CTO profile.

Now you can download the deck, self-assess where you stand, decide in which area you want to improve, identify which actions you can take to improve in that area, and find out what feedback you can collect to measure your progress.

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