A system of Lean-Agile Coaching purposes

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How would you describe with just *one* sentence the *main* purpose of the Agile Coach based on your current experience on the ground in the role?

You may find descriptions of this lean-agile coach role in several books, those can help with the theory.
The focus here is the following step, how to apply that theory to your specific and unique context and circumstances. We are looking at those examples here.

I used many times this question “what’s the main purpose of a lean-agile coach in your team/department/organisation?” to start the conversation and explore the role in the context of an organisation. For example during a Community of Practice meeting or with a client. And it proved to be quite an effective starting point.

This week I made another experiment and I asked to the Lean/Agile Coaches in my Linked-In network and on Twitter, exactly that same question.

The comments about the Agile Coach role, in comparison to the comments about the Scrum Master role (see the previous post), so far show some similarities and some differences:

People – Way of Working – Delivery
– The comments highlight a bigger focus on the People side of things, compared to the Scrum Master comments that focus more on the Way of Working.
Scrum – Agile, Lean, etc. – Mind-set
– The comments highlight a bigger focus on a holistic view, with few mentions of the mindset, continuous improvement, and more generally on Agile, while comments on Scrum Master role focus more on Scrum.
Individuals – Team/Teams – Whole organisation
– The comments highlight a bigger focus on Individuals (usually senior people and managers and leaders) and the Whole organisation, while comments on the Scrum Master role focus more on Team(s).

Thanks to everyone for their comments and contributions!

If you are interested into the compentency areas, and the skills of an agile coach, you can view and download the Lean/Agile Coach self-assessment radars.

Thanks to Ryan Behrman for the image of the different levels of intervention.

You may find interesting comparing the system of lean-agile coaching purposes with the hierarchy of consulting purposes from this Harward Business Review article: Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice.

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