The two equations at the heart of Lean-Agile Coaching

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What is lean-agile coaching? Let’s find out with the two “equations” at its root.

These below are the two equations of Lean-Agile Coaching.

The first one is from the Agile Manifesto, and points to professional coaching and facilitation for individuals, teams, and their interactions.

The second one is the Lewin’s equation, suggested to me by Joseph Pelrine, and points to Complex Adaptive socio-technical Systems and Agility, and its tools and models to tweak the environment in order to amplify the emergence of positive outcomes and dial down the negative ones.

The intersection of the two points to agile/lean mentoring and training.

What else can we infer from those equations? What else can we learn from it?

On the same topic, look at the lean-agile coaching self-assessment radars.

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