Lean/Agile Coach self-assessment radars




The three radars

Short/simplified levels description

Detailed/advances levels description




Acknowledgements and References

  • Continuously Improving Your Lean-Agile Coaching, Luca Minudel with Carlo Beschi article on InfoQ
  • Self-assessment radars and sponsor-sponsored relationships for continuous development are practices extensively used in ThoughtWorks, where I’ve learned and experimented with them.
  • Skills in the radars are based on the agile-coach competency framework in “Developing Great Agile Coaches” by Michael K. Spayd and Lyssa Adkins.
  • Spayd and Adkins cover the arc of mentoring conversation and powerful questions in their Coaching Agile Teams workshop.
  • The lists of personal traits in the radars come from this blog post by Esther Derby.
  • I also recommend the ICAgile Learning Roadmap: Agile Coaching Track.

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