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We provide individual Lean-Agile Advising, Mentoring and Coaching, remotely, and by the hour.

We offer discounts for individuals who are self-paying, unemployed, or belong to minority groups.


Agility review
Provides an organisation, department or team with a benchmark of its maturity in adopting lean and/or agile, and provides recommendations for next steps. For IT Managers, Business Stakeholders, Portfolio, Project, Product and Program Managers, for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Team and Tech Leaders.
Continuous Delivery & DevOps review
Provides an organisation with a benchmark of its CI, CD and DevOps maturity, and provides recommendations for next steps. For Technical Managers, Developers, BAs, QAs, Enterprise Architects, and Sys/Network/Db Admins.
Lean-Agile Coaching capability review
Provides an organisation with a benchmark of its internal lean and/or agile coaching maturity, and provides recommendations for next steps. For HR, Recruiting, Lean-Agile Coaches sponsors, Lean-Agile Coaches, and Scrum Masters.
Software development review
Provides an organisation with a benchmark of its software development process, practices, and provides recommendations for next steps. For CTOs, IT Managers, Developers and QAs teams, Enterprise Architects, and Sys/Network/Db Admins.

Services to support the improvement actions identified with an assessment:

Advising, Coaching, Mentoring, and Facilitation

Execs/Management mentoring
For executives, managers, and business stakeholders. To evolve your role inside an agile organisation, to develop an agile mindset, and to discover lean-agile approaches that are relevant for your role.
Individual & team mentoring/coaching
For agile teams, team members, and line managers. To develop a proficiency in lean-agile practice and mindset, and to achieve personal development and career goals in harmony with a lean-agile organisation.
Lean Inception facilitation
A Lean Inception establishes, in a minimal amount of time, a common vision of a delivery initiative, it’s market fit, its business viability, its technical feasibility, as well as a feeling of the work to be done and the size of it. The facilitation ensures its success and high-quality outcomes. For business, product, and technical people.
Lean-Agile delivery facilitation
To facilitate the delivery of successful digital products using lean-agile ways of working.
Lean-Agile training­-on­-the­-job
To learn how to successfully apply lean-agile practices specifically into your work environment while delivering value, and safeguarding the delivery. For team members, and product/project managers.
Establish a Lean-Agile practice
We provide guidance and support in defining and adopting lean-agile roles; starting Communities of Practices; developing a lean-agile product delivery lifecycle; employing lean-agile reporting and governance; adopting lean-agile portfolio management; and engaging and collaborating in an agile way with other functions such as HR, PMO, etc.
Develop internal Lean-Agile coaches
We provide with you all the experience and support required to grow your internal lean-agile coaching capability defining the lean-agile coach role and responsibilities, career path, and measures of success. We can work with you to identify and grow internal candidates, and start an effective Community of Practice (CoP) for lean-agile coaches.

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