InfoQ Article: Practical Applications of Complexity Theory in Software and Digital Products Development

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An InfoQ article on practices inspired by Complexity theory that can be used everyday in Software and Digital Products development

Read this InfoQ article that provides and overview of the key ideas and the the practices inspired by Complexity thinking that can be used everyday in Software and Digital Products development:


The article key takeaways are

  • There are several practices inspired by Complexity, to be employed every day in software and digital products development.
  • The landscape of such Complexity-inspired practices has three major regions: the teams, the work to do, and the whole organisation.
  • These practices provide a new means to gradually introduce our co-workers, our teams and our organisation to Complexity. They exemplify a new approach that consists of acting our way into the new Complexity thinking.
  • This new approach shifts up-side-down the centre of gravity of the conversation around Complexity, from the theory to the practice. It makes practice prominent. And it wants to engage hands-on practitioners, problem-solvers and tinkerers.
  • All these practices are based on social complexity and anthro-complexity. Therefore, they fully recognise the unique qualities of the human element, and that we are not algorithms, cellular automata, nor hives.

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