Here is a list of training and mentoring topics you can mix and match
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You can also choose topics from the talks in Public Speaking.

From Predictive to Adaptive Project
Management, from Project to Product
centric Portfolio Management
Half day - Whether you are modernising an existing product or service, creating a new product, innovating your services, or facing a new endeavour, learn how to select, prioritise and execute effectively in the face of novelty, uncertainties, unknowns, and unanticipated change. Learn to collaborate with the customers and stakeholders in a new way, set expectations, commit to results, tackle risks, monitor progress, and consistently deliver. Explore the new role of Project and Portfolio Management in driving innovation.

Organisational Agility for Executives
Half day - An exploration of what agility is, a way to create leaders' awareness and probe their interest, and a way to access how much agility the organisation needs. For CxO and other leaders in the organisation. Download the brochure.

Lean-Agile Project Management
One day - Lean and Agile with multiple teams and products, and also for mixed IT and non-­IT scenarios. For Portfolio, Project, Product and Program Managers, for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Team Leaders. Download the brochure.

Agility Fundamentals
Two days - Lean and Agile at team level with Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming. For IT Managers, Business Stakeholders, Product and Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, BAs, QAs, Architects, and Developers. Download the brochure.

Team Coaching
One day - For Managers and Scrum Masters. Participants will explore broadly and practice all the key aspects of being a modern Leader and a Senior/experienced Scrum Master. Further consideration will be given to professional coaching skills such as deep listening and coaching conversations. Participants will explore their strengths, their gaps, and areas where they want to focus on, for personal development as Scrum Master. The whole training is underpinned by the philosophy of learning by doing and learning by example. Example.

Coaching for the Agile Coach
One day - This workshop is uniquely designed to develop participant’s coaching skills in Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Goal Setting and Developing Trust. It makes use of the Agile Coaching Competency Framework (Agile Coaching Institute) and incorporates Coaching Constellations Concepts by creating a living dynamic map that participants can use to explore and create their perception of their own capability in this field. Participants will not only learn more about themselves but also experience coaching, use a competency model to gain feedback and identify options to take forward. By exploring these principles together in this workshop, learning will emerge from within each of us and action will arise in the practice you apply back to your workplace. Example.

Training from the BACK of The Room!
Two days - Designing and delivering interactive, engaging, and effective workshops and training classes, based on current brain science and modern learning principles. Download the brochure.

Introduction to Continuous Delivery
One and half days - An introduction to fundamental Continuous Delivery practices and principles. For Technical Managers, Developers, BAs, QAs, Enterprise Architects, and Sys/Network/Db Admins. Download the brochure.

Continuous Delivery for Executives
Half day - Exploring what’s Continuous Delivery from a business and from an organisation point of view. For CxO, PMO and Technical Managers. Download the brochure.

Agile Development Practices
Three days - Practicing and investigating Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices. For Technical Managers, Software Developers, BAs, QAs and Enterprise Architects.

Agile Object Oriented Boot Camp
Ten days - Practicing and investigating fundamental coding principles and how to use them in real work situations. For Junior and Sr Software developers, Coding Architects and Tech-­leads. Download the brochure.

Advanced Agile OO Boot Camp
Five days - Practicing and investigating advanced coding principles and how to use them in real work situations. For Sr Software developers, Coding Architects and Tech­-leads.

Practical refactoring of legacy code
Three days - An advanced masterclass of practical OO design and refactoring of real-life codebases, with a business impact. Participants will learn to successfully design high-quality code and improve the quality of the worst legacy code by applying repeatable patterns and refactoring strategies. Participants will also learn to reliably plan, prioritise and incrementally achieve improvements to support tangible business goals and company’s bottom-line. This whole workshop is underpinned by the philosophy that the ultimate test for software craftsmanship is utility for the business. Example.


Workshop was inspiring!

R. Richard, Comparethemarket.com

Best workshop I’ve been to so far. Great preparation. Very interesting discussions.

Anonymous, workshop at XP Days Benelux

The Inception workshop, an intensive week with the full team in one room, allowed us to make impressive progress across the initiative. It’s great to come out of a week like that with a clear path forwards of how to progres.

P. Holly, HSBC

I can honestly say that the facilitator has great speech skills. He's been involved in many Microsoft and third party local industry events, and he always got great rankings. I highly recommend him as a professional speaker and IT consultant.

T. Alessandro, Microsoft regional manager

The workshop content was very good, and was flexible enough to be adapted to our requirements.
Both facilitators were knowledgeable. The training was incredibly engaging and allowed anyone to feel they were progressing.
I thoroughly enjoined the entire fortnight.

M. Anya, Comparethemarket.com

Learned more in two weeks than I could have in an entire semester at college.
Both trainers were world-class instructors; it was a pleasure to meet them and grow with them for the past two weeks.

B. Darrick, Dillard’s

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