The Agile Industrial Complex & its antidotes

This is a collection of links from Daniel Mezick (Site, LinkedIn, Twitter), Chris Matts (Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter) and Luca Minudel (Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter), on topics related to the Agile Industrial Complex (AIC). A related video is here: https://youtu.be/_Ow-i2C5MZY

Getting to good Agile with the antidotes to the Agile Industrial Complex

Agile has been successful in alleviating the painful failures caused by the industrial age approaches applied to software development. Nowadays successes of large tech companies are built on practices that have their roots in Agile. And the wave of modern ways of working has been driven by Agile which now, with Lean and Complexity is one of the three pillars.

See for example
– Invitation based leadership, Daniel Mezick: https://invitingleadership.com/
– How large and successful companies achieved Agility at scale, Luca Minudel: https://www.smharter.com/blog/how-large-successful-companies-achieve-agility-at-scale/
– How to get involved in the Lean-Agile Community, bust your framework bubble: link

To hear more about the sign of hopes, the antidots and what to do to solve the problems of the Agile Industry Complex, follow Daniel Mezick, Chris Matts and Luca Minudel and their pannels, Meetups and conference sessions on this topic.

The history of the term Agile Industrial Complex

– A Brief History of the term: https://newtechusa.net/aic-history/

Agile Imposition

– The Agile Imposition and the Agile Industrial Complex, Daniel Mezick: http://newtechusa.net/aic/

– The Agile Imposition Revisited: https://newtechusa.net/the-agile-imposition/

– Agile Imposition, Martin Fowler: https://www.martinfowler.com/bliki/AgileImposition.html

– The State of Agile Software in 2018, Martin Fowler https://martinfowler.com/articles/agile-aus-2018.html

– Nobody Expects the Agile Imposition: https://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=820672

– Open space Agile, Daniel Mezick: https://openspaceagility.com/

– Open leadership, Daniel Mezick: https://openleadershipnetwork.com/patterns/

Scaled Agile frameworks detrimental to Agile and Agility

– A collection of comments on SAFe from leading experts, Luca Minudel: https://www.smharter.com/blog/safe-a-collection-of-comments-from-leading-experts/

– The mixed results of companies scaling with scaled frameworks and the made-up “success” stories, Luca Minudel: https://www.smharter.com/blog/the-mixed-results-of-companies-scaling-agile-with-a-scaled-framework/

– Lean UX and Scrum creators say SAFe integration of their approaches is flawed: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6859034441424109568/

– Scaled frameworks have contributed to creating an Agile theatre: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lucaminudel_am-i-missing-something-important-here-fyi-activity-6885003251209551872-Y65c

Large consultancy firms’ faulty recipes

None of these consultancy firms is run using Lean and Agile practices or principles. None of them has a record of successful deliveries achieved by adopting Lean and Agile practices or principles. None of them shows enough understanding and experience to offer professional services in this field.

– Beware of Waterfall in disguise proposed By Gartner, Luca Minudel: https://www.smharter.com/blog/2018/01/10/gartner-you-got-it-wrong-the-new-lean-agile-waterfall-is-not-cool/

– Bimodal IT, Two speed IT from Gartner, McKinsey et alt, Martin Fowler: https://martinfowler.com/bliki/BimodalIT.html

– The Agile Manager, McKinsey (the level of misunderstanding of Agile in these articles speaks for itself): https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/the-agile-manager and https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/the-five-trademarks-of-agile-organizations

– 7 things wrong with Deloitte’s Agile Tube Map: https://medium.com/tech-sojourna/7-things-wrong-with-deloittes-agile-tube-map-641192e20068

– Boston Consulting Group not understanding that the whole point of the Spotify (not a) model is to grow it internally with your own ways of working that fit you, not copying it from someone else: https://www.bcg.com/publications/2016/five-secrets-to-scaling-up-agile

– Accenture AutoScrum that is a customised version of SAFe, to make it worse than it already is:

– The tragedy of commons that leads to this dynamic makeing everyone miserable, suggested by Daniel Mezick: http://systems-thinking.org/arch/arch.htm#archtc

A culture that finds support in the Agile Industrial Complex

– Introducing Failureship – The dark twin of Leadership, Chris Matts: https://theitriskmanager.com/2021/10/24/introducing-failureship-the-dark-twin-of-leadership/

– Blog with more posts on the Failureship, Chris Matts: https://theitriskmanager.com/

– The Communities of Solutions instead of communities of needs, Chriss Matts: (video) https://vimeo.com/190010827

A blooming industry to fake Agile expertise

– A blooming industry of services helping consultancy firms fake agile expertise, Luca Minudel: https://www.smharter.com/blog/a-blooming-industry-of-services-helping-consultancy-firms-fake-agile-expertise/

A Certifications market that has become detrimental

– Certification-competence correlation, Martin Fowler: https://martinfowler.com/bliki/CertificationCompetenceCorrelation.html

– Scrum Alliance: Drop “Certified”, Ron Jeffries: https://ronjeffries.com/xprog/articles/scrum-alliance-drop-certified/

– Down on Scrum, Ron Jeffries: https://ronjeffries.com/articles/020-01ff/down-on-scrum/

– CSM Certification Thoughts, Ron Jeffries: https://ronjeffries.com/xprog/articles/csm-certification-thoughts/